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“Capgemini Engineering is my first employer after graduating and it has been a very good beginning of my career. As a consultant I have gotten the opportunity to try different projects and roles. I have arranged parties, worked a lot on building team spirit within my team and trying to make people feel good and welcome at work. It was hard knowing what I wanted to work with after graduation therefore I thought it would be good for me to start working as a consultant. I started working at Capgemini Engineering a little more than one year ago and until now I have been working in three different projects, within different teams at different locations. This has been both challenging and made me grow my confidence.

I am a creative person and get passionate about fun and challenging assignments where every day looks different, and I get the chance to develop.

My colleagues are both colleagues and friends. We have fun together and motivate each other to do good at work. It is a relaxed work environment that lets you be you. 

The leadership wants me to achieve my goals and do what they can to make my work situation as good as possible. We have an open communication about both good and bad work situations, and they are always supportive.

 You should choose Capgemini Engineering as an employer if you like to have fun and meet new people. If you like to try different work assignments and if you like to work within a team that is supportive and cares about you.”

-Susanne Pålsson, Design Quality Analyst