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“I am currently working as a Senior Hardware Design Engineer in Capgemini Engineering. My main focus is to support and improve customer’s projects. My passion is to solve technical problems in the most effective way and to use these problems as a chance to improve myself. The most satisfactory side of our business is to see your design in the production line and in the market. 

If you work as a consultant, you can very often change your professional area and get a new role in different projects. It is very social, and it gives you a great network. We often have to go out of our comfort zones since we get the chance to test new roles and challenges. Capgemini Engineering has a cooperation with very valuable companies who are producing high quality products. You can improve your engineering skills all the time. Capgemini Engineering is one of the biggest international engineering consultant companies, which gives us the opportunity to work in assignments all over the world.

We are just like s a big family, and we always support each other. Everybody is so helpful, and this makes the onboarding and adaptation very smooth and easy. Capgemini Engineering also supports the engineers for training, equipment, course, etc. With all the social activities, it emphasizes the team spirit.”

-Yilmaz Can, Senior Hardware Design Engineer