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“I joined Capgemini Engineering in September 2021 as a junior coming from university. My first assignment was at a company that develops apps that are connected to hearing aids. My task was to deliver technical documentation that is needed to ensure the quality and security of the products. I coordinated with different stakeholders and experts at the company to create content that follow the regulations required to release a medical device in the market. 

To see that the products I work with actually help and improve people’s lives is something that makes me really passionate about my work. I know it sounds cheesy, but it is one of the reasons why I chose to work within the Life Science area. When my grandmother got a pair of new hearing aids a while ago, she called me and said, “Hey Amanda now I am using the app you work with, it is awesome!”, that gave me goose bumps!

When graduating from university I thought it was difficult to know what I wanted to work with. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to work with medical technology. To work as a consultant within Life Science seemed to be a good opportunity. I can try different things and see what I find most interesting and what will become my area of expertise. However, to be honest, I was concerned that there would be expectations to deliver to the customers from first day. Luckily, I was all wrong! At Capgemini Engineering I have got great support from colleagues and a good onboarding to my assignment. 

Even though people are out working with at different customers, I think that we have a great unity in my team. We are usually coordinating to work from the Capgemini office on the same days. My experience is that I always can turn to my colleagues if I need advice or just a talk over a coffee break. The leaders of my team are like any other colleagues, and I can talk with them about everything but also get that extra support that is needed from a leader. The leadership involves us in what is going on and are grateful when we come with suggestions.

Capgemini Engineering have a large network of customers both in Sweden and worldwide. This contributes to interesting and variated assignments and gives great possibilities. I feel that this in combination with the open environment and team spirit gives me good conditions to develop and thrive at work!”

-Amanda Nilsson, Life Science Consultant